Fix Your Birth Control Protocol

The ultimate solution for ditching your hormonal contraceptives

This program is right for you if you are…

  • Ready to get pregnant in the near future and you want to get off of hormonal contraceptives
  • Dealing with bleeding at times other than your period
  • Experiencing mood swings that are so severe they are putting a strain on your relationships
  • Missing your period because it disappeared while on birth control
  • Worried about long-term effects of hormonal birth control on your fertility & overall health
  • Experiencing low libido and losing interest in sex because it hurts
  • Experiencing hair loss on your head or hair growth on your face (oh, the injustice of it all)
  • Terrified your skin & hormones will freak out if you ditch your birth control!

Are you nodding your head vigorously? 

Then girlfriend, its time to ditch your hormonal birth control and ditch the crazy.

I want you to imagine….

  • A life without the period problems and birth control side effects you’re experiencing
  • A life in which you are fertile and can get pregnant naturally whenever you darn well please!
  • A life where YOU - not synthetic hormones - are in charge of your birth control
  • A life where you have great hair, glowing skin and lots of really great sex! 🙂

This life is not a dream. This is your life, the life you deserve, and if you’re ready to ditch your hormonal contraceptives, it’s the life you will have.



The ultimate solution to ditching your hormonal birth control so you can take back control of your hormones and your life!

Hi, I’m Nicole!

And I’m about to change your life. Well, actually you are about to change your life – I’m just along as your happy hormone guide.

I spent 5 years on the pill and I’m pretty sure I experienced every single side effect possible!

You know the drill – chronic yeast and urinary tract infections, digestive problems, joint pain, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, painful sex, bigtime hair loss, an extra five pounds I couldn’t get rid of, chronic colds, and a constant feeling that I was not well.

Not a pretty picture. 

I finally realized the birth control pill was causing my health woes. This left me desperately searching for a way to get off the pill AND for a birth control option that wasn’t going to ruin my life!

My search took me on a 10 year journey of self-discovery. I got off the pill and overhauled every aspect of my diet and lifestyle so I could reclaim my health!

Trust me, if I could do it, so can you. The process doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing – you just need the knowledge and strategy to do it right – and I’ve got that covered.

If you are ready to experience life in a body that is not manipulated or controlled by hormonal contraceptives, this protocol is for you!

I can’t recommend Nicole’s courses enough – aside from being jam-packed with fascinating and super-helpful information, the program is engaging and enjoyable to listen to, with practical guidelines and take-home practices given every week. The course is a very comprehensive delve into the menstrual cycle and a valuable resource for every woman.


What You’ll Learn

In this protocol we are going to cover what you need to know about each type of hormonal birth control and their impact on your health, along with the best way to come off, and how to address your most troubling symptoms.


  • I’ll share the steps you need to take leading up to getting off hormonal birth control, and how to actually get off of the different types of birth control.
  • I’ll explain what side effects you might experience after coming off of hormonal birth control and how to mitigate those effects.
  • I’ll give the steps to take immediately after coming off of birth control, in the first 1-3 months, and the 3-6 months after getting off of hormonal birth control, including dietary changes, supplements, herbal remedies and lifestyle practices



  • I will highlight the different types of non-hormonal birth control
  • I’ll explain the Fertility Awareness Method – the birth control method I have used for many years since coming off the pill.
  • You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to begin tracking your cycle and further instructions on how you can learn more about using FAM as natural birth control
  • And I will share how to track irregular cycles and missing cycles, as well as how to chart alongside the moon



  • We’ll start with a lesson on the four phases of your cycle and how they can transform your life! Having a clear understanding of these phases will help you get your hormones working for you!
  • You’ll learn the intricate conversation between your brain and your ovaries that happens each month
  • We will discuss what your period should look like each month. If you don’t have a period, this will be helpful to know what you should expect when you get it back
  • Ovulation, spotting, cervical fluid and periods – you’ll get the lowdown on what’s normal and what’s not


What’s included…

3 Content-Rich Recorded Webinars 

And full transcripts revealing all the groundbreaking, mind blowing information that will be the catalyst for some serious (and positive) change in your health and life.

MP3 Audios of Each Module 

So you can listen on your phone or in your car while on the go

A Beautiful Recipe Book & Handouts

The recipe book will help you every single day and every single meal to feed your body with the food that will promote optimal endocrine and hormonal function. Handouts and resources packed full with scientifically-backed solutions that will provide the foundation for you to learn how to stay off hormonal birth control for life.


  • Take back control of your hormones
  • Take back control of your life
  • Reclaim your energy and vitality



Nicole Jardim is a Certified Women’s Health Coach, writer, speaker, mentor, and the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormone health using a method that combines evidence-based information with simplicity and sass. Her work has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of women around the world in effectively addressing a wide variety of period problems, including PMS, irregular periods, PCOS, painful & heavy periods, missing periods and many more.

Nicole is the author of Fix Your Period: 6 Weeks to Banish Bloating, Conquer Cramps, Manage Moodiness, and Ignite Lasting Hormone Balance, and the co-author of The Happy Balance, a recipe book filled with over 80 hormone balancing recipes. Finally, she’s the co-host of The Period Party, a top-rated podcast on iTunes—be sure to tune into that if you want to learn more about how to fix your period—and has been called on as a women’s health expert for sites such as The Guardian, Well+Good, mindbodygreen and Healthline