The Effect of Sugar & Carbs on Your Menstrual Health + how to balance your blood sugar

What we will cover in this session:


  • Learn how and why sugar + alcohol (even a little bit) can wreak hormonal havoc
  • Learn the relationship between insulin, your hormonal imbalances and PCOS – and how to begin the healing process. 
  • What is inflammation and how it contributes to migraines and menstrual cramps + the top three food contributors to inflammation.
  • I’ll show you why “bad cravings” happen and how to crave healthy foods
  • I’ll give you a proven plan to begin reducing and eliminating sugar from your diet and finally balance your blood sugar.
  • I will show you how to test your blood sugar so you can figure out if you are eating the right foods for your body 
  • We’re going to continue the discussion on some of the major hormonal imbalances I discussed in the first session. We’ll talk about high androgens and their relationship to high insulin and ultimately PCOS for many women. We’ll talk about the connection between high insulin and high cortisol and lower levels of sex hormones.