Your Bonuses

Here’s the digital bonus bundle you get with this program, worth over $500!


  • Discover Your Cravings Type E-Book by Alexandra Jamieson – learn exactly why you crave certain foods and get Alex’s step by step protocol to eliminate your cravings based on your cravings type. ($37 value)
  • Fertility Activation Bundle by Molly Nichols – Gain a deeper understanding of the mind body connection to your fertility, and why your mental, emotional, and spiritual fertility MUST be a top priority while trying to have a baby. Learn how to activate your fertility by releasing and clearing away old energy that may be stored in your body and how to begin welcoming in new, fertile energy using fertility visualization. This fertility bundle includes a 90 minute video fertility workshop, plus 2 additional guided fertility visualizations to support you in conception and in connecting with the spirit of your baby. 
  • Debunking PCOS E-Book by Dr. Nat Kringoudis – this 30 page e-book will break down PCOS and endometriosis myths, symptoms and an exact treatment protocol created by Dr. Nat for both of these conditions.
    ($47 value)
  • I Am Enough guided meditation by Erin Stutland – One of the biggest ways in which we struggle is holding on to the belief that we are not worthy of creating change in our lives and in our bodies for the better. We think we need to be further along or even different than what we are in order to deserve success. In this meditation, you will use your breath and mantras to program your mind and subconscious mind to fall in love with your ‘enoughness’. When we believe that we are enough, we have enough and we do enough, we release the stress and pressure we put on ourselves and open ourselves up to greater love, ease and success.
    ($37 value)
  • Morning Anchors: Creating Conditions for Inevitable Freedom & Success by Katie Den Ouden – get Katie’s exact formula for creating effective morning and evening routines, plus her tools for freeing up time in your schedule. This bundle includes an MP3 recording and a PDF handout. The recording is part of a bigger program so disregard references to names and dates. ($97 value)
  • How to Balance Your Blood Sugar All Day E-Book by Bridgit Danner – get an exact plan to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, along with tips on key supplements, herbs and probiotics to help you along the way. ($37 value)
  • Simply Real Health Top 3 Favorite Recipes by Sarah Adler – get Sarah’s top 3 favorite and easy recipes that are gluten and refined sugar free! ($17 value)
  • The Rhythm of Success by Jennifer Racioppi – this 40-page workbook breaks down the 4 crucial steps to elevating your efficiency and creativity so you can supercharge your success in all areas of your life. ($47 value)
  • The Pelvic Pain Guide by Jessica Drummond – In this comprehensive guide by women’s health guru Jessica Drummond, you will learn proven strategies to help you identify and naturally heal the root cause of chronic pelvic or sexual pain. ($47 value)