Program Schedule

Online Sessions Schedule


  • SESSION 1 – Food, mood + your cycle: How food affects your body & hormonal health
  • SESSION 2 – What & how to eat to optimize your hormones + what to avoid!
  • SESSION 3 – The Effect of Sugar & Carbs on Your Menstrual Health + how to balance your blood sugar
  • SESSION 4 – What’s your gut got to do with your period + how to upgrade your gut function
  • SESSION 5 – Your adrenal glands + your sex hormones: Why you NEED to change the way you manage stress
  • SESSION 6 – Exercise, self-care, fun + sex: Crucial elements for being wildly happy + healthy!
  • SESSION 7 – Hormone testing (learn how to understand it all) + supplements & herbal remedies
  • SESSION 8 – Rebalance your thyroid + detox your liver & gallbladder for supercharged hormonal health!
  • SESSION 9 – Menstruation Maven: Decode your monthly cycle, reclaim your feminine vitality + transform your life!
  • SESSION 10 – Implementation: Powerful steps to shift your mindset and keep you on the road to healing


Bonus Expert Teaching Call Schedule 


  • Bonus Call #1: Demystifying Ovulation Video Interview with Dr. Nat Kringoudis, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Hormone Revolutionist
  • Bonus Call #2: How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself and Start Trusting Your Body with Jamie Greenwood, Women’s Empowerment Coach & Speaker
  • Bonus Call #3: Thyroid Disease & it’s Connection to Your Menstrual Cycle with Dr. Lara Briden, Naturopathic Doctor & Author of The Period Repair Manual
  • Bonus call #4: Ending the “Crazy” Around Food with Isabel Foxen Duke, Emotional Eating Expert
  • Bonus Call #5: Reconnect to Your Internal Rhythm by Connecting to the Moon Cycles with Jenn Racioppi, Women’s Empowerment Coach + Astrologer